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Enzian aus Detroit was formed in 1989 by four individuals looking to share their passion for traditional German Musik.

Enzian is comprised of five men with diverse and influential musical backgrounds.  Elements of their backgrounds include a vast array of experience. 

Today, Enzian can be heard playing the 'Schlagers' and the traditional sounds of Germany, and surrounding areas, as well as the past and present hits of America.  If you desire the sounds of Germany, Austria, and Bavaria at your next event, then contact Enzian to make your event a complete SUCCESS!

Our Name

"ENZIAN" is the name of a blue flower indigenous to Austria.
"ENZIAN" is the name of a unique musical group indigenous to Detroit, MI. 


 Enzian is available for all kinds of German and American Events. Be it a Festival, Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday or Corporate Party, whether you desire sing-along beer drinking music, or the contemporary sounds of yesterday's and today's German artist, Enzian can provide the atmosphere to make your event a SUCCESS! 


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